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How do you determine fair market value?
       Price divided by earnings or inventory multiplied by 10 equals the total value of the farm's tradable common stock.  Then, the total value divided by the total number of shares issued, outstanding and tradable gives us the market value per share.  What this means is that the farm evaluates its inventory of horses to the best of its ability, realizing that we have trade secrets we believe other farms don't have at their disposal.  We realize, too, that our theories and applications must pass through a testing period in order to establish for our shareholders a certain level of confidence in the farm's new trade secrets.
       The multiplier of 10 is considered below normal, according to Standard & Poor's evaluations of companies that have a potentially high degree of return for the stockholder's investment. 

Where can I purchase the Company's stock?

       The Company is presently working with brokerage firms to have its stock listed on the OTC Bulletin Board. Click here to contact the Company for additional information.


Are the securities registered?
          Yes, the securities are registered pursuant to Regulation 12G of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Click here to view S.E.C. Filings (HTML)

Are the securities publicly-tradable?

Is Nevada Classic Thoroughbreds, Inc. its own "market maker"? 


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