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Our purpose is to produce horses that can race at the top level and reproduce themselves consistently.

Here are some advantages of our farm . . .

We start with the very best stock that others have attained.

We exceed what is considered the best in conformation.  We've established an advanced Five-Point Real Conformation system that tells us the following:

  • The horse possessing extreme speed at a specific distance on a specific track surface.

  • The horse having a burst of speed from a specific distance to the finish line.

  • Conformationally-speaking, the horse racing at a certain distance on a particular racing surface. 

  • The horse having cosmetically attractive appearance.

  • The horse having conformation that will not interfere with its racing career. 

Our Five-Point Real Conformation system was designed using a scientific method of statistical analysis, until a theoretic racehorse conformation model was developed; this theoretic model was then tested against both the greatest racehorses known and the racehorses that are known failures at the track.  The results of our finding are the farm's trade secrets.

Once our Five-Point Real Conformation system was established, the next step was to establish a system of genetic probabilities--specifically, what are the chances of a certain sire or a certain dam passing on their superior genetic racehorse abilities?  We now know what can be expected of a foal bred from a particular sire and dam, as well as the probabilities associated with these expectations.

An unexpected and surprising benefit to the farm is that we can now select genetic "power sires" without regard to stud fees.  Based on our Five-Point Real Conformation system, we have found that many of the choice stallions are not necessarily the highest priced stud horses.  For instance, Richly Blended is one of our choices of stud horses in the United States.  The few we ranked above him had stud fees ranging from over $15,000 to over $100,000, and many of those that we ranked below him had stud fees in the $30,000 to $40,000 range.  Yet Richly Blended's stud fee is only $4,000.  What an unexpected and surprising benefit! 

We can now genetically "fix" our Five-Point Real Conformation system to a particular group or family of racehorses. In so doing, our horses will be able to compete at the highest level on an ongoing basis rather than just one-horse-in-a-lifetime competing at the highest level.

We are a vertically structured company.

Since we don't need a number of horses and a number of breedings and a number of employees who can feed, maintain and race our horses to compete on the top level, we can accomplish the breeding, racing and training of our horses with only a few people.  Also, we can provide the company's other necessary services ourselves, without hiring outside help.  This cuts our costs, thus potentially increasing profits for the farm.

The company considers its shareholders as owners -- we know that these owners are interested in seeing the farm succeed and the Nevada Classic Thoroughbreds race at the highest levels of competition.

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